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Have you ever dealt with a legal matter that 

  • Stressed you out?

  • Made you feel uncomfortable?

  • Cost you a lot of money?


If you're like us, you probably answered YES to most of those questions. Solving your

legal matters doesn’t need to be this way. Utilizing the principles of true firmness, we can

help to alleviate these concerns while addressing your legal matters.


What is true firmness?

True firmness is designed to make the law accessible, achievable, and affordable for individuals and businesses. It is designed to meet both your legal and non-legal needs?


Our approach is holistic in nature. Serving as your legal representative, we can

answer your questions and present you with legal expertise that is proactive,

of independent judgment, and provides you with the most relevant advice



How can we meet your legal needs?

We can empower you to share ideas, goods, and services with certainty that

your legal affairs are in order. We can make sure your personal legal matters

are resolved efficiently and favorably to the greatest extent possible. 


How can we meet your non-legal needs?

In aiming for legal resolution, a wide range of emotional and lifestyle issues (non-legal needs) may surface that can dramatically affect you, your spouse, your family, and other loved ones. 


We know that you may have important questions about how your legal matter will affect you and your loved ones with respect to these non-legal needs. While we work to help you solve your legal matter, we are creating a forum to address your non-legal needs as well.




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