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Atlanta Georgia Minority Certification Attorney


Business owners are often overwhelmed by the requirements and application process for certifying a minority owned business. An Atlanta Georgia minority certification attorney can help business owners prepare the certification applications and better understand the process for minority certification.


There are many advantages to becoming certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Certified companies are more likely to receive business opportunities from larger companies, due to the increased exposure provided by certification. These companies may also receive government funding intended to promote minority owned businesses. By hiring an Atlanta minority certification attorney to assist you with teh certification process, you can ensure that your business begins receiving these benefits as soon as possible.


A minority business typically becomes certified in one or all of the following sectors:


Private - Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council

State and Local Government - Georgia Department of Transportation

Federal Government - 8(a) Business Development Program


For a business to qualify as a certified minority-owned business, the ethnic minority must own and operate no less than 51 percent of the company. It must be an independent business, rather than a branch of a larger non-minority company, and the minority owners must have complete control and the ability to act independently of the non-minority owners. Not every ethnicity qualifies as a minority; for further details, refer to one of the sources listed above or contact an Atlanta Georgia minority certification attorney.


Atlanta Georgia business attorney Bukhari Nuriddin has years of experience assisting businesses ranging from large, well-established companies to small start-up operations. His skilled legal team has the expertise and knowledge to help you move your business forward. For a complimentary consultation with an Atlanta Georgia business lawyer, contact The Nuriddin Law Company at (404) 480-0217.

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