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Atlanta Georgia Contract Drafting and Review Attorney


Contracts are a routine part of any business. They demonstrate a legally binding agreement between two parties. It is easy to neglect details in the contract, or omit a critical clause while drafting a contract. Such negligence or omission can have catastrophic ramifications. An Atlanta Georgia contract drafting and review attorney can assist with the preparation of the agreements you need to conduct your business and analyze and provide advice concerning the contracts that you need to sign to do business with others.


Our Atlanta Georgia contract drafting and review attorneys routinely handle contracts for any legal issue that could seriously impact your business over the life of the contract. We assess the following agreements on a daily basis: operating agreements, leases, various employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, consulting agreements, and joint venture agreements.


Sometimes business owners mistakenly believe that the contracts they work with are routine and do not require careful legal scrutiny. Every contract that a business owner engages in should be evaluated by an Atlanta Georgia contract drafting and review attorney. A well-written and clear agreement, understood by both parties, will go a long way towards ensuring mutual satisfaction with the agreement and a good working relationship. A poorly drafted or ambiguous contract, on the other hand, can cause irreparable damage. The possibility exists that the other party could use some loophole in the contract to take the upper hand in business dealings at your expense. Even if your business partners are trustworthy, a dubious contract can result in painful financial loss and could harm your business relations with the other party. Having an Atlanta Georgia contract drafting and review attorney review your contract can help preclude such an event from taking place.


Business owners that are serious about their business dealings will have an Atlanta Georgia contract drafting and review attorney examine the contract before it is signed. Your Atlanta Georgia contract drafting and review attorney will help you safeguard your organization by spotting issues in your agreements before they are executed. This proactive, yet critical, preventative step will go a long way towards protecting your business from greater problems later.


Atlanta Georgia business attorney Bukhari Nuriddin has years of experience assisting businesses ranging from large, well-established companies to small start-up operations. His skilled legal team has the expertise and knowledge to help you move your business forward. For a complimentary consultation with an Atlanta Georgia business lawyer, contact The Nuriddin Law Company at (404) 480-0217.

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