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Business Law


We understand the legal issues associated with the formation of a new company. A determination must be made about the best legal entity form based on tax, ownership, and other considerations. Intellectual property and other assets might need to be legally transferred to the company. Employment issues may need to be thought through to avoid potential tax problems.


Successorship, ownership transfer, and deadlock issues should also be considered at the outset of a new business. What should happen in the event of an unanticipated circumstance such as the death or disability of an owner? If there would be multiple owners, what will happen when one owner wants to sell his or her interest - will the other owners have a right of first refusal? How should this process work? What happens if there is a deadlock on an important business issue that cannot be resolved?


We've been guiding owners through these issues and more for many years. We'll help make sure that you and your company are positioned for success, not only now but also as your company grows. We'll be there when issues arise, and, if desired, we can provide proactive legal advice on a number of matters to reduce the risk of litigation.


We serve business clients through a team-based approach by providing proactive legal advice, helping clients understand the many laws and regulations that affect their business, and representing clients in negotiations, litigation, financings, and other matters.


If you want to start, manage, transfer, or exit a business, you may benefit from a business attorney's services. Business attorneys specialize in many different industries and professional fields. Depending on your business and activities, you may need one or more type of business attorney.


We are committed to being a value added partner to our clients by spending the time to learn about the strategic goals and key aspects of each client's business so that when legal matters arise, we can provide specific legal advice tailored to each client's objectives. 


We frequently work with family-owned businesses, industry organizations, non-profit organizations and their brilliant, focused and hard-working owners.


We look to serve clients that have a strong sense of community.


Our clients focus on the long-term aspects of their business.


Our services include:


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